Corrective jaw surgery
15Mar, 2020

Corrective Jaw Surgery – Eliminate Difficulty In Chewing, Talking and Sleeping

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Do you experience difficulty in chewing food? Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Do you have a speech problem? Are you bothered by chronic joint pain, jaw pain, or headaches? If you have been experiencing any of the above symptoms, you need to visit an orthodontist immediately! It is highly likely that you may have a malocclusion or misaligned jaw. Malocclusion of teeth Simply said, the malocclusion of teeth means that the teeth in your mouth are not aligned properly. A person who has malocclusion of teeth usually has unevenly […]

Diastema Treatment - Gap Between Teeth Treatment
5Mar, 2020

Diastema: Best Treatments to Close Gaps Between Teeth

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Don’t we all love a pretty smile and a perfect tooth-line? Just a small gap between the teeth and that glorious smile is flawed! Diastema or gaps in teeth are pretty common for all age groups, and while some people may think adult braces are the only option, we bring you plenty more. Could your smile still be salvaged after your teeth develop gaps in between them? Our Angel Orthodontics experts tell us about diastema, its causes and answers to all the questions that our curious minds could come up […]

self ligating braces pros and cons
18Feb, 2020

Pros and Cons of Self-Ligating Clear Braces

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Let’s be honest and agree that no one likes crooked teeth! Most of us don’t mind wearing braces for straightening our teeth. But, don’t we all wish that braces were a little less noticeable, and revealing than traditional metal braces. Well, the gods of orthodontics have answered with self-ligating clear braces. Today, we look at what exactly Self-Ligating Clear Braces are, and how they are more beneficial. What Are Self-Ligating Clear Braces? The self-ligating clear braces (also called Damon Braces) are claimed by its makers to be less painful, and […]

17Feb, 2020

Fastest Orthodontic treatments for straight teeth in less time

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Orthodontic treatment can be very essential to making a difference to the perfect smile you wish to show off. In most cases, it can take you up to a year, and you might not be able to handle it financially. But, there are other quicker options you could go for if you’re experiencing some of the common orthodontic problems. Innovative Smile in 6 months Smile in 6 months by Angel Orthodontics reduces orthodontic treatment time substantially to about half a year and is done by focusing only on straightening teeth […]

18Sep, 2019

Top 10 Indicators That Your Child Needs Braces

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A great smile is an asset of incalculable value for anybody. A great smile can be the magic key to getting that dream job or that big contract. Even for kids, a great smile increases confidence and helps them make friends more easily.  Many factors influence your child’s dental hygiene. Their mouth and teeth cleaning routine, diet, as well as other habits, will affect the quality of their smile.  Our experts at Angel Orthodontics have compiled the top 10 indicators that you should look out for regarding your child’s dental […]

21Aug, 2019

5 reasons why early dental and orthodontic checks are important

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The healthy development of any child depends on many factors, but everyone knows about the importance of good dental and orthodontic care from an early age on. Even when they’re only growing their first teeth or baby teeth, it’s important to look after your children’s oral health.   At Angel Orthodontics we offer dental and orthodontic check-ups, because we understand how tooth and gum problems like malocclusions or gum disease can be prevented with early intervention. The habits children develop will be sure to last well into adulthood. Therefore, it is […]

4Aug, 2019

Short Guide About Cost Of Different Types of Braces In The UK

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These days you will find various options for having your misaligned or crooked teeth straightened. Technological advances in recent years have transformed the dentistry and orthodontics industry and new trends and types of braces have emerged. So, when researching about your orthodontic options, you will come across different packages and prices. This short guide aims to educate you on the various types of braces available today and it will give you an idea about the different price categories they are in. However, we recommend consulting a professional orthodontist to identify […]

digital 3D intraoral scanner
22Jul, 2019

Digital dentistry at Angel Orthodontics – from 3D Scanner to Intraoral Camera

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At our Angel Orthodontics practice in North London we are advocates of computer-aided dentistry as we want to provide our patients with the best possible dental and orthodontic treatments. Using new technology removes several manual steps through automation and saves our patients and us time. See our latest digital devices and how they enable us to offer you the best state of the art orthodontic treatment out there. What’s the hype of digital dentistry about? Digital dentistry has its origins in the mid-1980s, and it has evolved rapidly. Over the […]

10Jul, 2019

Top tips to find the best private orthodontist in London

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When looking for a good private orthodontist in London, you might wonder where to start and how to choose the right orthodontist expert for you. Due to the high number of orthodontists in London, you might be concerned about choosing the ideal candidate for you or your family. This is especially true if it’s your first visit to the orthodontist where making the right choice is important. Some of the factors to consider are having good rapport with your orthodontist and the list of services they offer. Pricing is also […]

30Jun, 2019

Orthodontic Devices An Orthodontist Uses

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Who is an orthodontist? Most people have a problem differentiating between an orthodontist and a dentist. The difference between the two is rather straightforward. Whereas a dentist is a medical practitioner whose scope of work encompasses a vast range of teeth related problems, an orthodontist specializes in only one aspect of the teeth. An orthodontist mainly deals with issues related to the alignment of the teeth in the upper jaw in relation to those in the lower one. The misalignment of the teeth is a medical condition known as malocclusion […]