16Apr, 2019

Know about Sleep Apnea

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What is Sleep Apnea? When you go to sleep your muscles relax, including those in your throat. In some people the relaxing muscles cause the airways to narrow. This can reduce the amount of air flowing in and out of your airways. This makes you snore. Sleep apnea occurs involuntarily while breathing with interruptions that occur while the patient is asleep. Currently known are three types of sleep apnea: obstructive, central, and mixed. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs in most people suffering from this issue. While different causes might apply to […]

11Apr, 2019

How much will the invisalign treatment cost you?

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What do Invisalign braces cost? If you want to know how much Invisalign braces cost in the UK, this Invisalign guide will explain the costs and fees involved in an Invisalign treatment in our clinic starting from as little as £1295 for the Invisalign express treatment going up to £2695 for the comprehensive treatment (the cost is £2995) based on complexity. 0% Finance Plan Most competitive rates for Invisalign treatment costs at Angel Orthodontics. Click To Tweet Orthodontic treatment involves moving rotated (twisted) crowded and protruding teeth, closing gaps, and […]

2Apr, 2019

Can braces change my face appearance?

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Understanding how much the alignment of your teeth affects the appearance of your face can be surprising – just look at before and after pictures of people who have had braces. The cosmetic benefits of having your teeth realigned through braces may be the reason most people venture out on an orthodontic journey, whether for themselves or for their children. Part of the reason that people wear braces is to correct or prevent larger oral health problems, but an even bigger reason is that braces change the appearance of the […]