Snacking And Braces – Top Braces Friendly Snacks

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Wearing braces limits some of the snacks you can eat. So you might want to know about the Braces friendly snack ideas. However, you still have plenty of choices for fun and healthy foods that will not harm your braces. You can even enjoy a few crunchy treats as long as you choose them carefully.

Whatever your diet was before braces, it will likely experience some changes during the time of your treatment. Braces are sturdy enough to shift your teeth into the ideal arrangement, but they are also fragile and susceptible to breakage. We’ve compiled the complete guide to help you navigate through all manner of snacking without damaging the hardware.

An easy go-to right off the bat is smoothies. They can be as nutritious and delicious as you’d like and can pretty much be modified to suit all palates and dietary needs. Smoothies are an excellent way to get a full serving of fruits and veggies without the risk of doing any damage to your braces.

Fruit is an excellent healthy snack. You just need to avoid biting into hard fruits such as whole apples. You can still eat them if they are cut into smaller pieces or if you choose a softer variety. Citrus fruits are soft to chew and high in vitamin C and calcium. Other soft fruits that won’t cause damage are bananas, berries, grapes, kiwi fruit, and melons. Dairy and whole grain products offer a whole other range of options. Yogurt and cheese go well between meals. A good-old-fashioned peanut butter and jam sandwich or slices of avocado with a bit of sea salt and black pepper on soft toast are all good snack options that don’t require too much chewing.

Not all crunchy foods are bad; you just need to limit the crunch. Walnuts are a softer nut that can normally be eaten safely. Small cheese crackers satisfy the need for crunchy and salty. You can also allow pieces to dissolve slightly in your mouth before chewing, to reduce any risk.

Thick, crusty bread, while tasty, is not going to be your friend while you have braces.

Custards, yogurt and ice creams provide a sweet and safe snack while you are wearing braces. Just avoid products with nuts! Chocolate and biscuits are ok as long as they aren’t too hard – biscuits dunked in hot Milo or tea are easy on your braces and delicious! It’s still wise to avoid any chewy lollies, sugarless or not, which can stick to and damage the wiring.

braces-and-snackingWhile following a diet that’s easy on your braces may feel restrictive, adding flair to your cuisine will keep things interesting and may spark an interest in cooking. Try your hand at creating your own peanut butter yogurt dip, make fun out of designing a fruit salad bowl, or, for the real gourmand, try your hand at making your own pretzel bites and switching up the way that you flavor them.

Just remember, when cooking at home with braces in mind, the softer the food, the better you’ll manage.

Other foods that require cautious eating are hard breads like a baguette or bagel, pizza crust, apples, chips, burgers, and sub sandwiches. When in doubt, cut something into manageable, bite sizes first.

Remember, your teeth are more susceptible to cavities when you have braces. So avoid eating a lot of sugary foods or drinks (especially soda!) and don’t forget to brush your teeth!!

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