How braces are linked with swollen and irritated gums

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Have you ever thought about how healthy your mouth is?

When they think about dental health, many people focus mainly on protecting their teeth from cavities. But, have you wondered what the consequences of swollen gums for your mouth’s health are?

There are various causes which can lead to painful swollen gums. Orthodontic treatment is one of them.

There is no doubt that braces have multiple benefits for a patient’s dental health. Apart from strengthening the teeth, this solution has incredible effects at a psychological level.

It can literally transform a shy person into a radiant one who is not afraid to smile anymore. Perfect teeth are a great element for self-esteem improvement. Unfortunately, getting a million bucks smile requires some sacrifices. So, dealing with gums swelling up can be one of them.

Swollen gums – what causes them?

Inflamed gums are one of the most common orthodontic problems. Fortunately, a few habit changes and regular cleaning can alleviate the pain for any swollen gum around wisdom teeth. But, before treating the problem, it is essential to understand which is the cause.

Everyone agrees that braces, either made of ceramics or metal, make brushing a bit challenging. Especially when you have just had them fitted, you will have difficulties in keeping up with a proper mouth hygiene.

Thus, one of the first symptoms that appear is swollen gums around teeth. So, you should focus on cleaning your teeth thoroughly and prevent bacterial plaque. In case it appears, bacterial plaque leads to gingivitis or gum disease which require special dental treatment.

Hormones are another cause of swollen gums. There are a lot of teenagers wearing braces, who are also in their puberty stage. Thus, the hormones associated with this period can lead to irritated gums. This phenomenon appears because hormones increase the blood flow that travels to the gums. So, they become more tender and get irritated very easily.

How to get rid of swollen gums?

Do you wonder how to treat swollen gums and prevent this situation from resurfacing? You should start by improving your diet. Fruits and vegetables will help you block the appearance of swollen gums. Moreover, you should stay away from sodas, coffee, or products containing caffeine for a period.

Also, regular brushing and flossing are important. If you suffer from gingivitis, then you should pay attention to the way and frequency you brush your teeth. You


should keep in mind that the gums are very sensitive. So, you should choose a toothbrush which has blunted ends and soft bristles, made of nylon. The brushing technique also plays a crucial role. A gentle and circular massage is recommended to protect your gums from swelling.

Flossing your teeth regularly will help you remove plaque. Again, if you don’t want to cause irritation or swelling to your gums, you should be gentle when using the dental floss. An efficient flossing technique is the one that follows each tooth’s curve and doesn’t put any force on the teeth.

If you respect the dentist’s recommendation and you see that the problem persists, then you should also pay attention to the toothpaste and mouthwash that you are using. They might cause you irritation and swelling as well. Thus, the first action you should take is changing them. Moreover, the appearance of swollen gums is a problem which shouldn’t be ignored. You should talk to your dentist right away and tell them about the symptoms.

Apart from these techniques, you should drink plenty of water. A glass of water after each meal will help you remove food and bacteria from your teeth. Giving up smoking is another responsible behavior which you can embrace your dental health even more. Finally, dentists also recommend being careful with foods and drinks that are either too hot or cold.

Braces and swollen gums – find the best solution for you

Now that you know what to do if your gums are swollen, you have nothing else to do than putting in practice the techniques mentioned above.

When you wear braces for the first time, it is normal to experience swollen and irritated gums. You should openly communicate with your dentist and let him know about any discomfort that you experience. If you respect the recommendations about the brushing routine, as well as improving your diet and eating habits, then this problem will surely disappear.Angel-Orthodontics-braces-experts

After you have successfully completed your orthodontic treatment, you will not only enjoy a radiant smile, but you will also know how to take care of your teeth and gums better. Talk to our dental and orthodontic experts at the North London Angel Orthodontics clinic to discuss such issues in more detail.


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