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Can a general dentist provide orthodontic treatment instead of an orthodontist?

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Orthodontics is one field of dentistry. The specialist in orthodontics is someone who has undergone further special training to prefect their skill (usually three more years) after graduating as a dentist. Only then one can get registered on specialist list at General Dental Council.


Thus, not all dentists, can perform orthodontic treatment in the way orthodontists do. Orthodontic treatment deals with the diagnosis, correction of malpositioned teeth as well as the jaws.
Advantages of having an orthodontist over a dentist;

Experience- specialist in orthodontics is practicing orthodontics only on daily basis and works with all type of orthodontic appliances available. The orthodontist can help you find the suitable brace for your problems.

Line of work- As dentists focus mainly on restoring teeth, orthodontists focus on the entire facial appearance, including the proportionality of the jaws and the bite. With orthodontic appliances the orthodontist can direct the teeth’s growth towards a desired manner.

Diagnosis- An orthodontist has further training to diagnose dentofacial deformities and their origins. This will help to find the correct solution for the malocclusions.

Retention after orthodontic treatment

Performing an orthodontic treatment requires a lot of skills and experience. Not all dentist have the knowledge or interest in performing orthodontics.

Get a qualified orthodontist today to straighten your child’s or your own teeth; orthodontics is about improving the function and health of the teeth a well as enhancing the aesthetics of the teeth followed by improved self esteem. it is about making you smile confidently at all times, at any age!

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