cleaning tools for brace
26Dec, 2019

Latest cleaning tools for braces to look after your teeth in 2020

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Your regular flossing and brushing would not be enough to keep your braces as clean as they should be. Braces have so many parts like the brackets, ligature, archwires and metal bands, and these parts need to be properly taken care of to avoid unnecessary issues. With braces, it is necessary to brush after every meal and if you are in a hurry, make sure to carry a floss or mouthwash with you. But also remember to always remove elastic bands before brushing or flossing. If you are having a […]

Foods to avoid with braces uk
7Dec, 2019

Christmas foods to give a miss with braces

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Christmas time is foodie time. It comes with all the delicious meals that will take their rightful place on the dinner table. But if you are wearing braces, then it is highly recommendable that you consider the types of foods you eat as some could damage your braces and teeth. Rather replace them with foods you can eat to enjoy the celebrations fully. A lot of festive treats should be avoided because they could get caught in your braces and either harm or break them. It is not an easy […]

Invisalign Braces Before and After Results at Angle Orthodontics
5Nov, 2019

Invisalign Braces Before and After Results at Angel Orthodontics

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Not everyone is born with a perfect smile! However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a Hollywood smile and strengthen your self-confidence. At Angel Orthodontics, we are proud to have brought a revolutionary orthodontic treatment to help you have the smile you always wanted. Our orthodontists have extensive expertise in using the Invisalign technique and help patients overcome any fears associated with going to the dentist. Our website showcases various Invisalign before and after photos, becoming valid proof that you can trust us for flawless Invisalign results. Keep reading this […]

retainers after braces
4Nov, 2019

Which types of retainers are right for me after wearing braces?

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After your braces come off, what should be the next step? You are required to wear dental retainers. Retainers after your orthodontic treatment help your teeth to stay in shape in the all-new and best position. Depending on your case, there are two major types of teeth retainers, as recommended by the dental experts at Angel Orthodontics. These are: Fixed retainers – also referred to as permanent or bonded retainers Removable retainers – also known as Hawley or Essix retainers There are also special types of retainers that are referred […]

invisalign braces questions
25Oct, 2019

What are the most asked questions about Invisalign braces?

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Invisalign dental braces have been used by orthodontists for some time now and they are extremely popular. They are invisible braces that help people have straighter teeth. Your specialised orthodontist creates your treatment plan using 3D computer-imaging technology. Once the treatment plan is developed, transparent braces will be custom made to improve your smile and dental health. At Angel Orthodontics, you will find one of the best Invisalign braces providers in the UK and a professional team of orthodontists who are specifically trained using this new technology. Find out some […]

15Oct, 2019

How braces are linked with swollen and irritated gums

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Have you ever thought about how healthy your mouth is? When they think about dental health, many people focus mainly on protecting their teeth from cavities. But, have you wondered what the consequences of swollen gums for your mouth’s health are? There are various causes which can lead to painful swollen gums. Orthodontic treatment is one of them. There is no doubt that braces have multiple benefits for a patient’s dental health. Apart from strengthening the teeth, this solution has incredible effects at a psychological level. It can literally transform […]

21Aug, 2019

5 reasons why early dental and orthodontic checks are important

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The healthy development of any child depends on many factors, but everyone knows about the importance of good dental and orthodontic care from an early age on. Even when they’re only growing their first teeth or baby teeth, it’s important to look after your children’s oral health.   At Angel Orthodontics we offer dental and orthodontic check-ups, because we understand how tooth and gum problems like malocclusions or gum disease can be prevented with early intervention. The habits children develop will be sure to last well into adulthood. Therefore, it is […]

11Jun, 2019

Can I see my hygienist while wearing braces?

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Having braces fitted means your oral health is affected. That’s why brushing and flossing, and other aspects of oral hygiene, are important when you are wearing braces. Gingivitis, tartar and demineralisation are frequent signs to see under braces if your oral hygiene is not adequate. The presence of brackets, wires and bands can make it tricky to clean thoroughly. To keep your teeth and gums healthy during your orthodontic treatment you should have the plaque removed often. Benefits of good oral health when wearing braces Research has shown a link […]

tooth enamel erosion and tooth decay
6May, 2019

Best expert tips to prevent tooth erosion with the right diet

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Enamel is vital for the protection of our teeth. This substance is the hardest found in our body, it forms the outside of each tooth which protects the sensitive dentine underneath. When the enamel is worn away, the dentine is exposed, which may lead to pain and sensitivity and can eventually lead to tooth decay. Since tooth enamel can’t be repaired in any way, it is important that we take good care of our teeth. Dental erosion caused by acid has long-term effects on dental health. For this reason you […]

28Apr, 2019

What do your teeth reveal about you?

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Teeth are unique like fingerprints – nobody on this planet can have identical ones. They are the individual features that help identify us as who we are. While the main job of teeth is chewing food, they have many functions, and they can also provide us with valuable information about health and diet. Additionally, they can also be used for identification, among other things. What our teeth reveal about us A healthy diet is often testament to healthy teeth. By examining teeth and how healthy they are, a lot about […]