self ligating braces pros and cons
18Feb, 2020

Pros and Cons of Self-Ligating Clear Braces

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Let’s be honest and agree that no one likes crooked teeth! Most of us don’t mind wearing braces for straightening our teeth. But, don’t we all wish that braces were a little less noticeable, and revealing than traditional metal braces. Well, the gods of orthodontics have answered with self-ligating clear braces. Today, we look at what exactly Self-Ligating Clear Braces are, and how they are more beneficial. What Are Self-Ligating Clear Braces? The self-ligating clear braces (also called Damon Braces) are claimed by its makers to be less painful, and […]

Invisalign Cost
21Nov, 2019

Best ways you can make your Invisalign cost pay off

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As time goes by, most people keep dropping conventional braces for Invisalign treatment because it is not easily noticed. Because Invisalign cost is getting more and more competitive each day, we are likely to see the trend accelerate. Although aligner trays might not entirely take the place of traditional braces. But, this treatment process will rapidly become popular if the cost is similar to that of conventional braces. In this article, we will be telling you about the Invisalign price and an excellent way to save money on Invisalign treatment. […]

Invisalign Braces Before and After Results at Angle Orthodontics
5Nov, 2019

Invisalign Braces Before and After Results at Angel Orthodontics

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Not everyone is born with a perfect smile! However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a Hollywood smile and strengthen your self-confidence. At Angel Orthodontics, we are proud to have brought a revolutionary orthodontic treatment to help you have the smile you always wanted. Our orthodontists have extensive expertise in using the Invisalign technique and help patients overcome any fears associated with going to the dentist. Our website showcases various Invisalign before and after photos, becoming valid proof that you can trust us for flawless Invisalign results. Keep reading this […]

retainers after braces
4Nov, 2019

Which types of retainers are right for me after wearing braces?

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After your braces come off, what should be the next step? You are required to wear dental retainers. Retainers after your orthodontic treatment help your teeth to stay in shape in the all-new and best position. Depending on your case, there are two major types of teeth retainers, as recommended by the dental experts at Angel Orthodontics. These are: Fixed retainers – also referred to as permanent or bonded retainers Removable retainers – also known as Hawley or Essix retainers There are also special types of retainers that are referred […]

invisalign braces questions
25Oct, 2019

What are the most asked questions about Invisalign braces?

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Invisalign dental braces have been used by orthodontists for some time now and they are extremely popular. They are invisible braces that help people have straighter teeth. Your specialised orthodontist creates your treatment plan using 3D computer-imaging technology. Once the treatment plan is developed, transparent braces will be custom made to improve your smile and dental health. At Angel Orthodontics, you will find one of the best Invisalign braces providers in the UK and a professional team of orthodontists who are specifically trained using this new technology. Find out some […]

invisible braces for crooked teeth
28Apr, 2019

Ways Invisalign can help your crooked teeth

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A crooked, uneven smile can make you feel uncomfortable with your overall appearance. If you want to know how you can fix gaps and overlaps without relying on bracket and wire braces, you can talk with your orthodontist at Angel Orthodontics about Invisalign. What are Invisalign braces? Invisalign is a removable and invisible orthodontic alternative to more traditional orthodontic solutions. It’s a clear tooth aligner and therefore ideal for anyone who finds the idea of showing metal braces when smiling too unattractive or annoying. As these aligner trays are made […]

19Apr, 2019

Know about teeth sensitivity and braces

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Sensitive teeth normally occur when the enamel on the outside of the tooth wears away exposing the dentin layer of the tooth. The dentin layer is very porous with tubes that run to the nerve centre. Although each mouth is different, having sensitive teeth is a common occurrence. This sensitivity can occur when exposing your teeth to something hotter (or colder) than normal, something sweeter (or sourer) than normal, or if you have deep cavities or exposed root surfaces. What causes tooth sensitivity? The discomfort a patient undergoing orthodontic treatment […]

11Apr, 2019

How much will the invisalign treatment cost you?

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What do Invisalign braces cost? If you want to know how much Invisalign braces cost in the UK, this Invisalign guide will explain the costs and fees involved in an Invisalign treatment in our clinic starting from as little as £1295 for the Invisalign express treatment going up to £2695 for the comprehensive treatment (the cost is £2995) based on complexity. 0% Finance Plan Most competitive rates for Invisalign treatment costs at Angel Orthodontics. Click To Tweet Orthodontic treatment involves moving rotated (twisted) crowded and protruding teeth, closing gaps, and […]