Deep Overbite

Deep Overbite

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Deep overbite is when the upper front teeth almost completely overlap the lower front teeth. It has an impact on facial aesthetics, often the lower teeth line or lower dental arch has a ‘bell-shape’, where the lower front teeth rise up much higher than the back teeth and sometimes it is so pronounced that the top edges of the lower teeth bite into the gum tissue in the roof of the mouth. This can be a very serious issue and often leads to loss of the front teeth.

There are different factors that can cause an overbite. Some of these factors include differences in teeth eruption of the patient or the development of the bone within the mouth. An overbite can be caused for children by thumb-sucking.

When braces are used at the right time it can help promote good oral health.

Deep OverbiteMost patients with a deep overbite have small looking chins. The chin is pushed back by the bad bite, which makes it look smaller than its actual size. Deep overbite correction or treatment is generally needed when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth and the lower jaw is pushed back towards the patient’s ears.

For an overbite, the braces move the patient’s front, top teeth and help them more naturally match up with the patient’s bottom teeth. Most patients who have an abnormal bite are identified by the age of six, and most orthodontists recommend these patients engage in the appropriate dental treatment between the ages of eight and fourteen.

Jaw surgery is almost always combined with braces to correct a skeletal overbite.

Treatment should be started as early as possible to minimize the severity. People are living a lot longer today and the strain from a malocclusion decreases the quality of life and the health of the patient.

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