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Digital dentistry at Angel Orthodontics – from 3D Scanner to Intraoral Camera

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At our Angel Orthodontics practice in North London we are advocates of computer-aided dentistry as we want to provide our patients with the best possible dental and orthodontic treatments.

Using new technology removes several manual steps through automation and saves our patients and us time. See our latest digital devices and how they enable us to offer you the best state of the art orthodontic treatment out there.

What’s the hype of digital dentistry about?

Digital dentistry has its origins in the mid-1980s, and it has evolved rapidly. Over the last 25 years clinical studies in digital dentistry have been able to show that patients can receive care faster, and often with fewer dental appointments, using digital dentistry advances.

What our 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner can do for you

One of the latest innovations in digital orthodontics has been the introduction of 3D intraoral scanners, chairside devices that scan the patient’s dentition as an alternative to the use of conventional impression materials.

This scanner enables us to take accurate records of your teeth and jaws so we can determine the orthodontic treatment you will most benefit from. An accurate impression is key to effective treatment planning and orthodontic care.

The scanning wand is used to capture 3D digital impressions of your teeth and mouth with the best fast and comfortable digital impressionsaccuracy available at this stage. Many people are worried about the gag reflex when having their jaw impressions taken. The intraoral scanner offers the least invasive technology as it eliminates the need for physical impressions and maintains accuracy even if the patient moves. This procedure involves thousands of special photographs which are then cleverly stitched together by the software to produce 3D usable images, which we show you on our digital flat screen monitors.

You can see the results immediately during the scan in real time – the result is shorter and fewer appointments, a more accurate diagnosis and greater comfort for you – gone are the days of having to worry about gagging.

Other advantages of the digital scanner include:

  • Eliminates impressions, the most invasive procedure in orthodontic care.
  • Reduces patient discomfort, is more time efficient.
  • Onscreen visualization allows for immediate adjustment to create the ideal orthodontic scan the first time.
  • Simplifies clinical procedures, and ability of capturing and storing highly accurate information.
  • Superior accuracy with no distortion from patient movement during set, removal of impression, or disinfection.
  • We can use the 3D image file to plan how your smile will improve over the course of the treatment by using virtual treatment simulation software.

At Angel Orthodontics we are using the latest 3D digital scanner adding the possibility of avoiding pouring stone casts which can save space and time in the clinic. Further advantages of the digital impressions and scanning systems are the possibility to easily transfer digital data to the dental technician, via email, avoiding impression shipping to the laboratory and long wait times.

Other digital devices that make your treatment more efficient

We now only use digital X-rays in our North London practice, which capture the contours of the patient’s teeth and gingival structures, producing an accurate digital orthodontic image in just minutes. Computerized X-rays reduce radiation exposure, as compared to a traditional X-ray, for safer and much more accurate results.

Another digital device we use is an intraoral camera, which is a tiny, pen-sized camera that’s used to look inside of a patient’s mouth. It’s the ideal combination of the latest video technologies with dental care. It shows the patient and private orthodontist detailed images of the condition of the teeth and mouth in real time. This small digital helper enables patients to better understand and review the status of their oral health.

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