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Does Orthodontic Treatment Make The Roots Of Your Teeth Shorter?

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | June 24th, 2016

Braces are used to straighten teeth of both adults and children. The duration of the treatment always varies from each patient and the type of braces they are able to wear. Some cases require only a few month’s treatment while others in severe cases can go on for years. In rare cases, patients undergo surgery to fix the upper or lower jaws after aligning teeth in the right order. Root shortening is also known as resorption. This article seeks out to explain whether braces make the roots of your teeth shorter.

Root resorption;
Root resorption occurs when you are receiving orthodontic treatment. However, one cannot detect this with the naked eye. Most of the time the amount of resorption is minimal and nothing to worry about.

Prevention of root resorption
Normal root resorption happens to everyone. If higher resorption risk is suspected in a patient the orthodontists can monitor the patient’s teeth on a regular basis through x-rays. The x-rays are done every 3-6 months to ensure the patient’s teeth are healthy and do not show an abnormal sign of resorption.

Detection of root resorption
If resorption is spotted in the x-rays, the orthodontist will discuss the matter with the patients. Treatment can either be allowed to continue with regular xrays or the orthodontist can shorten or stop the treatment. If the root resorption is great, treatment is stopped immediately.


The finding of Root resorption is a common sequalae to orthodontic treatment. As such it needs to be part of the informed consent process. Fortunately, it is rare that root resorption is ever extensive enough to cause any detrimental effect for the patient. In the vast majority of cases root resorption will continue to be a finding that only occasionally the orthodontist will notice on post treatment radiographs.

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