5 reasons why early dental and orthodontic checks are important

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The healthy development of any child depends on many factors, but everyone knows about the importance of good dental and orthodontic care from an early age on. Even when they’re only growing their first teeth or baby teeth, it’s important to look after your children’s oral health. 

 At Angel Orthodontics we offer dental and orthodontic check-ups, because we understand how tooth and gum problems like malocclusions or gum disease can be prevented with early intervention. The habits children develop will be sure to last well into adulthood. Therefore, it is vital to teach them how to get them right from the start.  

Here are some of the reasons why early dental and orthodontic evaluations are good for your kids:


1.      Good oral hygiene and straight teeth from an early age

Learning how to maintain a good oral hygiene will instill good oral health care habits from the start at home. straight teeth from the startThe dental professionals at Angel Orthodontics demonstrate how to brush and floss teeth properly to maintain healthy teeth and gums. They will also ensure that habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting will be eliminated to prevent crooked teeth and narrow jaws from developing. This can prevent future orthodontic treatments.

2.      They develop a positive attitude towards dental visits

Getting your child used to visiting their dentist will enable them to establish a routine and a positive relationship with them. They may never develop a fear of the dentist and they learn how to look after their own teeth and gums. Dental or orthodontic issues can be detected early and tackled before they become worse. Abnormal swallowing or speech problems can be detected and treated. The children’s personal appearance and self-esteem can be improved with certain orthodontic treatments like braces or functional appliances. The dentist can also perform tooth cleaning for children to ensure proper oral health to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

3.      Oral problems can be caught quickly

When your child’s teeth are checked regularly, any problems that start to arise can be stopped in their tracks and can be prevented from getting worse. Early dental and orthodontic assessments can lead to the guided growth of the jaws and to regulate the width of the upper and lower dental arches. This will prevent overcrowding of teeth or crooked teeth. Permanent teeth that are just erupting can be guided into desirable positions. And the risk of injuries to the front teeth can be lowered with the right early intervention. This saves you money and time in the long run.

4.      Importance of regular cleaning

Most young kids haven’t developed the motor skills required to brush and floss their teeth thoroughly.  It’s prevent children's dental and orthodontic problems through checksimportant to remove the debris and build up that might have been missed in order to prevent tooth decay, cavities or even gum disease.  If neglected, bacterial infections like periodontitis can lead to the need of tooth extractions and fillings. Our hygienist can help by cleaning your kids’ teeth during a dental check-up, which should happen at least 3 – 4 times a year.

5. Monitor your child’s oral health

It’s important to take care of baby teeth to prevent them from falling out too soon. The other teeth could move forward and cause the permanent teeth to grow crooked or misaligned.  Regular check-ups help put the right intervention in place early. For orthodontic issues like crooked teeth or overcrowding children can start wearing removable braces. This can potentially simplify and shorten treatment times for later comprehensive orthodontic treatments.

Take care of your child’s oral health with us

As a family dentist and orthodontist, we at Angel Orthodontics offer a range of dental and orthodontic services for the little patients. In our experience early intervention is key to ensure children’s teeth and gums remain healthy.

If you want to arrange a consultation for any family member, book an appointment at your convenience with us online or via the phone.

Healthy teeth and gums for children


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