Five Common Orthodontic Problems

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Orthodontics is about or rather more than just pure straightening of teeth. In normal circumstances, our teeth bite in a specific way but unfortunately, in some cases, they may have problems with chewing, speaking and even aesthetics.

Malocclusion is often a genetic issue. Many common orthodontic problems may be caused by dental diseases, poor dental hygiene, thumb sucking, medical conditions among others. The following is a list of the common orthodontic problems.

1. Overbite
The front teeth of the upper jaw are extended out (sticking out) over the lower teeth.

2. Crowding
Teeth lack enough room to grow. The mouth does not have enough room for all teeth to grow causing overlapping of teeth as they grow.

3. Underbite
The lower jaw is extended out with the lower front teeth protruding over the top front teeth.

4. Crossbite
When upper teeth fall inside the lower teeth on one side when biting down. An anterior crossbite, which is similar to an underbite, is what occurs when top front teeth fall behind lower front teeth when biting down. ” Left untreated, it can cause conditions such as TMJ or TMD, loose teeth, receding gums, excessive wear of tooth enamel and assymetrical growth of the face and jaw.

5. Spacing
Opposite of crowding. Occurs when the teeth are largely spaced out. If gaps are too big, it may cause biting or chewing problems.

There are of course other related problems. Book a consultation to find out how you can improve the health of your teeth and your bite and enhance your smile.

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