Foods that stain your teeth!!

Foods that stain your teeth!!

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Maintaining a bright smile can be difficult because our tooth enamel is porous, which makes it susceptible to stains. Certain foods and beverages will discolour our teeth due to their colouring and/or level of acidity.

  • Your morning cup of joe might not be negotiable in your mind. Coffee contains acidic polyphenols called tannins that can lead to staining and discolouration. Coffee is also acidic, it alters the pH balance of the mouth, making any acidic foods you eat afterwards damage the teeth much more quickly.
  • Like coffee, tea also contains the staining saboteurs known as tannins, Green tea stains teeth grey, and black tea stains them yellow.
  • If you’re constantly sipping on coffee or tea throughout the day, you’re more prone to discolouration and acid attacks on your teeth. To fight against tea stains, research published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene says to add a little milk to your cup! The casein in milk was found to significantly prevent and reduce tea-induced stains.Foods that stain your teeth!!
  • If you notice a yellowish tinge to your teeth, acidic foods might be to blame like citrus fruits and tomatoes, it can erode the enamel might expose your dentine which give this yellow colour to your teeth.
  • Some sweets can change your tongue’s colour, which means they can also stain your teeth. But unless you eat them frequently, you’ll probably be okay.
  • Some fruits like Blueberries, Blackberries, and Pomegranates, have a serious stain game.  To fight against the stains, consider brushing right after you enjoy your berries.
  • Both red and white wine can stain teeth. The deep red colour of red wine can stick to your teeth whilst white wine is even more acidic, causing additional decolouration to the teeth.
  • Coloured fizzy drinks contain citric acids which will erode the enamel. On top of this, the heavy sugar content will also encourage tooth decay. Dark fruit juices such as cranberry juice can also stain teeth.
  • the exotic spices may take your taste-buds for a ride, those same flavourings may also tint your teeth, thanks to their deep pigmentation.
  • Before you drizzle that balsamic vinegar on your salad, know that it too can discolour your teeth

If you would like to protect your smile from staining, it’s a good idea to avoid this types of food and beverages that are most likely to stain your teeth.

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