10 Frequently Asked Orthodontic questions

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Although orthodontics has helped many people get back their self confidence and nice smiles, the sad truth is that still, many people know very little about it. Orthodontics deals with rectifying overgrown teeth, protruding teeth, spaced teeth, and similar scenarios. Below are some of the most common questions people ask themselves, in regards to orthodontics;

Retention after orthodontic treatment

1. Do braces hurt, can I eat with them; yes you can! You will eat most foods with braces, although on the first few days you’ll be advised to go for softer foods. This may include fruits, tender meat, eggs, and bread, and so on so forth.

2. So I can eat all types of foods; much as it is okay to eat most foods, it goes without saying that some foods are not recommendable initially. Hard meat, sticky foods and chewing gums, chocolates, those are to be greatly avoided. They may damage the braces if used consistently, or re position them badly. And although when chewing the hard foods you may not notice, you’ll notice that the braces are looser after a week or 2.

3. Bad Habits; one should desist from chewing on their pens, plastics, or nibbling on their finger nails with their braces. Doing so damages the braces, and especially on their edges.

4. Loose teeth; as you start using braces, you may feel as if your teeth are loosening. This is a normal feeling, braces work by loosening the teeth, and then having them grow towards the desired direction or manner.

5. Loose wires and bands; it is normal that at times, you’ll have a wire round your brace that needs to be tightened, loosened, or removed all the same. Your orthodontist will give you quick tips on how to rectify these eventualities. There are times you’ll need a wet cotton or wax, to deal with irritation in the mouth.

6. Soreness; braces are alien bodies and they are bound to cause some soreness and swelling on the teeth or mouth. This is very normal, and goes away after a week or so. If this soreness persists, you can try gurgling salty water and spitting it, or take a pain killer in case the pain is severe.

7. Brushing; brushing your teeth when using braces is recommendable, in fact you’ll need to brush the teeth more frequently preferably after every meal. Failure to regularly will lead to food particles being trapped between the braces, and cause tooth rot with time

8. Care of appliances; all appliances given by the orthodontist must be taken care of , from the bands, the braces, and retainers too

9. Cleaning appliances; some braces are removable, and when not in use, these should be cleaned thoroughly, and stored in a clean dust free place.

10. Cost; the cost of braces and other orthodontic procedures depend on the nature of the condition, as well as how well the clinic is equipped. Don’t be afraid of the cost, most orthodontists will listen and agree on a fair cost.

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