How Do Retainers Work

How Do Retainers Work?

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Many patients are familiar with braces, but some will ask, “How do retainers work?”

In short, retainers are made from a very fine measurements based on the shape of the patient’s mouth by taking an impression of the patient’s mouth so that it can be poured into plaster and serve as a perfect model.

A retainer is usually the last stage of your dental treatment.

They are used in order to help prevent the teeth from falling back to their original position by holding teeth in a certain position while allowing surrounding gums and bone to adjust once braces are removed.

How Do Retainers WorkAfter braces, your bones might require some additional time to adapt to the new shape of your mouth, and they need something to keep everything stable while slowly repositioning to match straighter teeth.

Retainers can help to ensure that a patient’s straightened teeth will last over the long term.

How long might you expect to wear your post-braces retainer?

Often a patient will be required to wear the retainer at all times except when eating for a period determined by the orthodontist and then after this period it may only be necessary to wear it at night.

Beyond that, many patients can slowly phase out their retainer entirely. Of course, your specific retainer schedule will depend on your unique circumstances. An orthodontist will provide you with the best instructions.

You should keep your retainer clean by brushing it with a mild soap or using denture tablets. If you lose or break your retainer it’s important to get another one as soon as possible or your teeth may start moving back to their original position.


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