Can I see my hygienist while wearing braces?

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Having braces fitted means your oral health is affected. That’s why brushing and flossing, and other aspects of oral hygiene, are important when you are wearing braces.

Gingivitis, tartar and demineralisation are frequent signs to see under braces if your oral hygiene is not adequate. The presence of brackets, wires and bands can make it tricky to clean thoroughly.

To keep your teeth and gums healthy during your orthodontic treatment you should have the plaque removed often.

Benefits of good oral health when wearing braces

Research has shown a link between periodontal diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and other health issues. Bad oral health will not only affect your teeth but also influence your overall health.

Good oral health gets rid of bad breath that is common in poor dental hygiene, especially during your orthodontic intervention.

Prevention of bad oral health and diseases

Periodontal disease involves the inflammation and swelling of the gums, which causes gums to become weak and the teeth becoming loose. But by following a few tips to prevent gum disease while wearing braces this can be prevented:

• Regular daily brushing and flossing of teeth in between bracesgood-dental-hygiene-practices
• Avoid cigarettes which stain teeth and affect your calcium intake
• Increase your daily intake of vitamin C and D and calcium
• Do regular dental check-ups for cleaning
• Eat a healthy balanced diet for healthy gums and teeth

So, what can a dental hygienist do?

The dental hygienists offer a host of dental hygiene and cleaning services also for patients with braces such as

• Remove tartar, stains and plaque from teeth
• Assess the patient’s oral health and report his or her findings to the dentist
• Take and develop dental X-rays
• Apply sealants and fluorides to help protect teeth from bacterial attacks
• Educate the patients about oral hygiene with braces and the various techniques employed such as how to brush and floss correctly

Regular visits to your hygienist will help you maintain a good oral hygiene.

Our recommendations for the ideal orthodontic treatment

In our practice we recommend seeing the hygienist before fitting your braces to remove all plaque andOrthodontic-Treatments-and-dental-hygiene staining from your teeth using the air polish, which accesses hard to reach tooth surfaces to ensure that the areas around the braces are clean. That way there is a much smaller chance of those areas to decay.

During your orthodontic treatment our Angel orthodontist will advise you when your next hygienist visit is required. And once you get your braces off, a dental hygienist treatment is really the best plan to remove all staining from your teeth and assess your tooth surfaces, to make your new smile shinier and healthier.

Visiting your dentist and hygienist regularly about every six months, or more frequently if your orthodontist recommends it, will help you make sure that your orthodontic treatment is working effectively for you.

When your braces are fitted you will be given detailed advice on brushing and flossing techniques with braces by our expert orthodontist and their hygienist team. Continuing with the good dental practice you have been taught will keep your oral health on track. It’s certainly worth keeping up the highest standards after your orthodontic treatment, as you have invested time, effort and money into ensuring you have beautiful, healthy and straight teeth.

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