Does Invisalign Work As Well As Fixed Traditional Braces?

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Yes and No

In many cases, Invisalign is just as good as fixed dental braces, even better in certain ways. This is because they can be removed and cleaned thoroughly, and the teeth can also be cleaned and they will not be demineralised by the braces touching them, as they are made of   removable plastic. But the range of treatment is much more limited with Invisalign than with fixed traditional braces, so getting Invisalign may not be an option for you if you have some serious dental work to take care of.
What problems can Invisalign NOT fix?

Invisalign is only good if you need minor adjustments and malocclusions and not able to fix more serious orthodontic issues. Orthodontic treatments that make use of various kinds of torque at the same time or from a different direction is off limits and cannot be taken care of by Invisalign. Any orthodontic treatment that requires the use of power strips or extra ligature is also beyond the capability of clear aligners. If any teeth need to be rotated, then Invisalign is also ineffective, as it cannot push the teeth in a manner that will get them to rotate.
How is it better?

If you have a problem that can be fixed with Invisalign, it is highly recommended, as it is a much more aesthetic option for adults as well as being more hygiene friendly.  Users report greater confidence and ease with eating, cleaning the teeth and it is invisible even as you wear it so it doesn’t impact on speech. While clear brackets and tooth coloured porcelain are also great and are nearly invisible, they can be spotted if you are spending a lot of time face to face with someone who is wearing them.


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