Invisalign Braces Before and After Results at Angle Orthodontics

Transforming Smiles – The Complete Guide to Invisalign Before and After

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A smile can be a person’s greatest asset, but crooked or misaligned teeth can often cause self-consciousness and dissatisfaction. Fortunately, Invisalign treatment offers a transformative solution to straighten teeth and enhance a person’s smile.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to Invisalign before and after the process.

From what to expect during and after the treatment, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this life-changing treatment.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is like a secret weapon for straightening teeth! Instead of bulky metal brackets and wires, it uses custom-made, clear, removable aligners to fit each patient’s unique dental needs. These aligners are built of a flexible thermoplastic polymer that softly presses teeth as it guides them into position over time.

The best part? Invisalign treatment is tailored to you.

Before starting treatment, you’ll get a 3D digital scan of your teeth, which will help your dental provider create a custom treatment plan just for you.

That includes the number of aligners you’ll need to get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Each aligner is then made just for you, based on the specific movements your teeth need to make. It’s like having a personal trainer for your teeth!

How does Invisalign treatment work?How does Invisalign treatment work?

Invisalign is a revolutionary dental treatment, developed to straighten patients’ teeth in a very discreet and comfortable manner. Orthodontists use the 3D computer-imaging technology to evaluate the patient’s situation and create an orthodontic plan to achieve a natural and confident smile.

Patients prefer using this treatment as they don’t have to wear any metal wires or brackets. Therefore, Invisalign treatment becomes very comfortable and easy to follow.

Another great thing about Invisalign aligners is that you can remove the braces for eating and teeth brushing. Thus, you won’t have to learn any special brushing techniques and feel uncomfortable that you have to wear your braces when going to an important dinner.

During Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment is a gradual process that involves multiple stages to achieve the desired results. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what to expect during each stage to ensure the best possible outcome. Here’s a comprehensive guide to what happens during Invisalign treatment and tips to manage it.

Creation of Treatment Plan

The first step in Invisalign treatment is creating a custom treatment plan. Next, your dental provider will take a 3D scan of your teeth to create a virtual image of your mouth.

The specialists will then use specialized software to create a custom treatment plan, including the number of aligners required, the duration of treatment, and the desired movement of teeth.

Aligner Fabrication

Once the treatment plan is created, the aligners will be fabricated using advanced digital imaging technology. The aligners are custom-made to fit your unique dental anatomy and are designed to apply gentle pressure to teeth to move them into the desired position.

Wearing Aligners

During the treatment process, it’s crucial to wear the aligners as directed by your dental provider. You should wear them for at least 20-22 hours daily and only remove them for eating and cleaning your teeth.

Regular Check-ins

It’s important to attend regular check-ins with your dental provider to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.

Discomfort and Pain Management

It’s common to experience discomfort or pain during the initial days of wearing a new set of aligners. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help manage this discomfort. Additionally, chewing sugarless gum can help alleviate discomfort by promoting saliva production.

Invisalign treatment requires commitment and patience. However, by wearing your aligners as directed and attending regular check-ins with your dental provider, you can achieve the desired results quickly.

After Invisalign Treatment

During the treatment, you may experience some discomfort, such as soreness or mild pain in your teeth and gums. This discomfort is normal and should subside within a few days. You can take over-the-counter pain relievers such as paracetamol to ease the discomfort.

It’s essential to care for your teeth and gums properly during Invisalign treatment. This includes brushing and flossing regularly, visiting your orthodontist for regular check-ups, and maintaining a healthy diet.

One of the essential aspects of aftercare is wearing retainers. Retainers are custom-made to fit your teeth and keep them in their new position. They are usually worn for at least 12 hours a day for the first few months and then gradually reduced to only at night.

Wearing your retainer as prescribed by your orthodontist is critical to maintaining your new smile.

Invisalign Before and After Examples

Invisalign treatment has transformed the smiles of millions of people worldwide. Before and after examples of Invisalign cases showcase the dramatic changes that Invisalign can achieve.

The treatment can correct many dental issues, including misaligned teeth, overcrowding, and gaps between teeth. Your orthodontist will assess your dental needs and determine if Invisalign is the right treatment.

Do’s and Don’ts of Invisalign Treatment

To ensure a successful Invisalign treatment, it’s essential to follow the proper guidelines during the treatment. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind during your Invisalign treatment:


  • Wear your aligners for at least 22hrs a day.
  • Brush and floss your teeth after every meal before putting back the aligners.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste.
  • Clean your aligners regularly using a special Invisalign cleaning solution or mild soap and water.
  • Drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet.


  • Chew gum while wearing your aligners.
  • Drink hot beverages or alcohol while wearing your aligners.
  • Smoke or use tobacco products.
  • Use your teeth to open bottles or packages.
  • Skip appointments with your dental provider.

These guidelines can help ensure a successful Invisalign treatment and maintain oral health.

Angel Orthodontics Invisalign success stories – before and after

Many people become anxious and scared when they think of having corrective dental treatment. The idea of wearing wired braces that are very visible can make many patients feel frustrated and afraid of what others may say about them.

On the other hand, they want to have straighter teeth and a gorgeous smile. Thus, when the orthodontists working at Angel Orthodontics show them pictures of Invisalign aligners worn, they immediately embrace the idea and start the treatment.Invisalign Braces Results

The results that Invisalign braces have on teeth are incredible. So, the best convincing technique that Angel Orthodontics professionals use is to show before and after results. The impact is so high that patients don’t hesitate too much in deciding to start the treatment right away.

What do Angel Orthodontics patients say about Invisalign treatment?

Each patient that makes an appointment at Angel Orthodontics for orthodontic treatment goes through four essential steps.

First, we take our patients through a Case Assessment. This means that we take photos of how their teeth look now, and we determine whether they need Invisalign treatment. Not all patients need or should receive Invisalign treatment. So, the initial evaluation is essential to decide on the situation’s gravity.

The second step consists of taking 3D digital scans of our patients’ teeth who need Invisalign treatment. All this helps us create a digital treatment plan and create a 3D video with the results obtained after the Invisalign treatment is over.

The third step is to give the patients several aligners to wear for several weeks. The Angel Orthodontics orthodontist will closely monitor how each patient feels about wearing the aligners in case something doesn’t feel right.

The final step involves permanent monitoring. Our orthodontist team will check the patient’s progress after 4-6 weeks and make the necessary adjustments if required.

All our care for our patients’ teeth made them leave positive reviews about our excellent Invisalign work. Take a look at what our patients said after receiving treatment from Angel Orthodontics specialists:

“I’ve had excellent orthodontic work done here, and it’s been done with a smile that matches my new post-work smile 🙂 I have nothing but praise for their expertise and customer service!”

You can also check what our patients have to say about one of our top orthodontists:

“Dr. Fariba and her lovely team have been brilliant throughout my whole treatment! After many years of putting off the need for orthodontic treatment, I went to Angel Orthodontists, and it was the best decision I have made. It’s a dream come true, and I can’t thank Dr. Fariba enough for the results. I haven’t stopped smiling since my braces came off on Tuesday! The service has been excellent, and I will definitely recommend Angel Orthodontics!”

What the Invisalign treatment at Angel Orthodontics can do for you?

Invisalign treatment was created to change patients’ lives positively and not to disrupt them. Thanks to technological progress, orthodontists are now able to make a difference and improve patients’ smiles and build self-confidence.

Angel Orthodontics is proud to have a team of professionals with vast experience in Invisalign treatment. Our patients’ reviews are valid proof that we do the right job and can have a positive impact on our patients’ lives.

Come and get a free consultation at our practice in North London to find out how our Invisalign treatment can help you. We also offer finance plans with 0% interest to enable everyone to get a stunning smile.

Why Angel Orthodontics?

At Angel Orthodontics, we’re here to make your smile shine. Our team of experts understands your dental concerns and provides personalized solutions. With state-of-the-art facilities and expertise, we offer excellent dental care. So trust us for a beautiful smile you’ll love, from check-ups to treatments!

For readers interested in learning more, check out our website or contact us at 02078376965.

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