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Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign is often considered a substantially preferable option for some adults and image-conscious adolescents who want to straighten out their teeth but at the same time don’t want everyone knowing about it.

In the hands of an experienced Invisalign Provider, it can be used to treat mild to complex teeth straightening issues.

Invisalign transparent braces straighten crooked teeth using a series of clear plastic aligners. These aligners are customised and removable for your comfort and convenience. About 4 million people have chosen Invisalign because of its many benefits. The aligners have no irritating metal wires and they can be removed for eating, which makes them much more comfortable than traditional braces and since they are removable, brushing and flossing are easy.

Depending on your individual case, your entire treatment will consist of wearing a number of aligners, switching up to the next phase of aligners every two weeks or so up until your treatment is complete. You can take home 3 sets at a time so there’s no need to come in frequently for adjustments.

Properly wearing the aligners will help to gently and gradually shift your teeth into their new place. You’ll visit your dentist every four to six weeks to ensure that your Invisalign clear braces are effectively straightening your teeth as planned. Custom-made to move your teeth little by little, each tiny shift takes you a step closer to that next version of you – efficiently, gently and accurately. At the end of your treatment, you’ll take off your final set of aligners to reveal a completely transformed new smile, straight, balanced, and healthy.

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