How To Keep My Teeth And Gum Healthy Under Braces

How To Keep My Teeth And Gum Healthy Under Braces?

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Good dental hygiene is crucial for patients with braces. You’ve seen how excited your child has been anticipating that happy day in the future when the braces finally come off. To make sure his smile is everything he’s been hoping for, it’s important to keep his teeth clean and ensure that he develops good brushing habits while still wearing braces.

  • It is important to brush regularly with braces because food can easily be lodged in and behind the braces, creating pockets of potential decay. Each night before bed, have your child rinse with a fluoride rinse after brushing to help keep the teeth strong and healthy.
  • The use of you dental cleaning kit given to you by your orthodontist on the day of the braces fitting will help you to maintain a health gums and teeth.
    How To Keep My Teeth And Gum Healthy Under Braces
  • Flossing with braces can be difficult, but you can use many flossing options that will help ensure the gums stay healthy at least once a day
  • You need to see your hygienist regularly for a cleaning and to get more advice on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy under braces.
  • You need to keep your travel toothbrush and paste in your bag, to be able to clean even when you are not at home!
  • Avoid certain foods too, basically anything that is chewy or hard should not be in your diet.
  • Until the big day will arrive when you and your orthodontist are happy with the result, keep cleaning and be careful when eating and brushing!!!

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