Lingual braces: Am I a good candidate?

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Lingual (the tongue or palate side of the teeth) braces are the latest method of moving teeth invisibly. They are an excellent system for aligning teeth at the same time as delivering improvements to your bite.

With lingual braces, the brackets, wires and even the elastics are all mounted to the back of your teeth, which is a desirable option if you don’t want people to know you are wearing braces.

Whether you are a teenager who worries about peer pressure or an adult who has a career where appearance is an important factor, lingual braces are a way to get the treatment you need to correct your smile without other people having to know about it.

Lingual braces give you a beautiful smile, even while you’re wearing them. They are customised to your mouth which helps make them efficient, effective and less intrusive.

The existence of healthy periodontal tissues (absence of gum disease) is the first requirement for the lingual braces. The gingivae (gums) should be healthy without any swelling or bleeding and oral hygiene should be immaculate.

In certain cases the overbite might bear too much pressure on the brackets and cause them to fall off easily. After an evaluation, your orthodontist who needs to be specialised in lingual braces will be better equipped to tell if this is a problem that concerns you.

With lingual braces you will need to be extra careful with your oral hygiene routine. You will need to carry your toothbrush with you at all times. In certain cases, an electric toothbrush may be very useful. Also the interdental cleaning must be perfect using the orthodontics interdental brushes, dental floss is needed during your treatment.

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