What Do Retainers Do?

I lost my retainer what should i do in the meantime

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Retainers are responsible for making sure that your teeth don’t move after you’ve finished your orthodontic treatment, keeping your confident new smile on the straight and narrow. Without retainers, your teeth will slowly move back towards their pre-treatment position.

I lost my retainer what should I do in the meantime?

I-lost-my-retainersWhether you stored it in a napkin and threw it out during lunch, lost it at your soccer game, or your dog ate it… it’s a common problem and a lot of our patients find themselves without retainers.

Losing things seems almost inevitable sometimes and despite your best efforts, you’re only human, and here’s our advice on what to do if you lose your retainers.

For people who just got their braces off, retainers are incredibly important to maintain the months (or years) of work it took to achieve straight teeth. Having a good system to keep track of your retainers is very important.  And, taking action quickly if they are lost or broken is essential!

If you have been provided with fixed retainers as well as removable retainers, don’t worry your teeth will not move while you lost the removable one. Fixed retainers consist of a thin wire which is permanently attached to the back of your teeth, ensuring they stay put. While fixed retainers provide extra security against relapse (your teeth moving back to where they started), they’re often only fitted to the front six teeth, so it’s really important for you to wear your removable retainers as well, as your other teeth may budge out of place and ruin all your hard work.

Your retainers are an important part of your post-braces treatment. Even though replacing a lost retainer can be expensive, it’s important to continue using one in order to prevent your teeth from shifting back into their original, misaligned position.

What Do Retainers Do?While losing your retainers can happen in the blink of an eye, we’ve provided some easy ways to lower the risks and give you an easier time to keep track of them. Check out the tips below:

– Keep them stored in their case: the case makes your retainers much easier to track. A case will make them more distinguishable and ensure that you can store your retainers in a safe place when you aren’t wearing them. oftentimes, people remove their retainers during lunch and place them on   a napkin. This is an easy way to accidentally throw your retainers away. If you keep your case around, you can easily put your retainers in your case and make sure they’re placed in your bag or pocket.

– Keep away from Pets: pets have been known to chew on retainers and ruin them. They can get lost or damaged because of pets. Make sure to keep your retainers out of their reach.

– Consider a spare set: while a spare set is not always necessary, there is the chance that you’ll need one. A spare set will make sure that you still have a retainer while you search for your lost one.

– Remember them before sleeping and wear them as directed by your orthodontist.

If you lost your retainer, it’s important to act quickly. Book an appointment at Angel Orthodontics and our team can get you an appointment for a replacement as soon as possible.

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