Orthodontic treatment in London for adults & children

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Orthodontics is a major branch of dentistry that deals with the correction and redirection of growth of jaws and eruption of teeth. An expert who performs the orthodontics procedure is called an orthodontist and in London, there are plenty of them. A London orthodontist can rectify any of the numerous malocclusions in both children and adults.

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The most common problems orthodontists find themselves handling in young patients, is a child with protruded upper teeth, or with uneven spaces between their teeth. While some of the conditions do not pose a  health risk to the patient, it affects the self confidence of the patient. It makes them smile less often, or try to avoid smiling all the same, as they don’t feel okay about their dental appearance. Orthodontists will thus advices the parent or guardian on the available treatment options. Although adults too suffer from protruding teeth, or unevenly spread teeth, this can be rectified easiest at a younger age; that’s why parents ought not to hesitate taking their kids for orthodontic check-ups.

What do London orthodontists use to treat adults and children?

Each malocclusion dictates the solution to be employed against it.  Orthodontists often use braces to straighten, or correct teeth positioning and make them grow in a desired direction and manner. Unlike the traditional metallic braces that are so noticeable, nowadays you’ll find braces made of ceramics. These ceramic braces are equally effective, and they have same color as teeth; only a very keen observer will notice them. Braces can be removable, or fixed.

It is always advisable to conduct sufficient research, in order to get the most suitable  clinic and best expert to conduct any orthodontic procedure. You can even pay them a visit for an initial consultation, and have a discussion regarding the right treatment for your child or even for yourself as an adult.


You, or your child, don’t have to suffer silently with crowded teeth, spaced teeth, or whatever dental malocclusion that may be affecting your confidence in public. Book a consultation with a London orthodontist today.

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