Orthodontic Treatment in London for Adults & Children

Orthodontic treatment in London is no longer just for teenagers! In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists states that one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 21! Many adults choose to receive treatment because they understand the importance of maintaining their health, and they want to feel better about their appearance.

Some of the things wrong with our smile are easy to see and relatively easy to correct. However to achieve that ‘perfect’ smile by any adult we need to understand how most people would define ‘perfect’. The centre line of the teeth should be central to the face. The teeth should be angled correctly towards a point below the chin. There is an optimum pattern to the height and size of each tooth. The contact points and gum line should mirror the lip line and smile and of course the tooth shade makes the adults smile complete. Chipped and irregular teeth can spoil the ‘smile line’.

Today’s adult orthodontic treatment options offer a variety of braces and appliances, such as clear braces, self-ligating braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners, that are comfortable, aesthetic, and customized to meet your needs. Remember, a straight smile isn’t just beautiful; it will help you maintain the health of your teeth for life!

Alignment Options

There are a number of ways to correct crooked teeth. You can have fixed metal brackets with or without coloured bands or you can have clear brackets with or without bands which are less visible or you can choose a clear positioner which is even less obvious.

Below you can see how teeth are moved with braces:

Tooth Movement

During orthodontic treatment the tooth is pulled GENTLY within the socket.  The blood flow in the socket ‘resorbs’ the bone. New bone growth occurs behind the tooth.  At the end of the treatment, the tooth will settle back into the centre of the socket.

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