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Private Orthodontic Treatment in London for Teens/ Children and Adults

At Angel Orthodontics, as a private specialist London orthodontist we are proud to offer face- driven orthodontics. Our work is all about transformation to make you feel and look younger.

Traditional orthodontic treatment works merely to align teeth. This may fail to address not only facial abnormalities, but very often can negatively impact a patient’s appearance. Face-driven treatment planning is unique in that the face and the smile are considered as a whole. Tooth movement and facial movement are both projected, resulting in the best overall result for the patient. This holistic approach focuses more on long term facial balance. Rather than centering on how a patient’s teeth will look in one year, we are concerned with how a patient will look overall in 30 years. Face-driven orthodontics treats not only the symptom, but also the cause. In our private practice we use the most modern and highly efficient orthodontic equipment to produce quicker and more comfortable treatments.

private OrthodonticsPrivate orthodontic treatment in London is available to patients of all ages and it has become more popular and is much more affordable than you might think.

Many adults won’t have received orthodontic treatment when they were children. This can result in problems developing in the teeth and gums during adulthood. Others may have received treatment when they were young but did not wear the retainers prescribed for after treatment to hold the new position of their teeth. This can result in the teeth becoming crooked and misaligned.

Private Orthodontist in London

Adults choose orthodontic treatment for many reasons. These include reasons such as major life changes – a new job or change of image, to improve self-confidence, treat dental problems and look great for special occasions. Orthodontic treatment not only rejuvenates your smile, it helps you keep your teeth for life.

So yes! Even mum and dad can have a beautiful smile to be proud of. There is no age limit for adult treatment.

We offer private orthodontic treatment to an increasing number of adults, who realise the enormous benefits orthodontic treatment can have on their self-esteem, self-confidence and their longer-term dental health.

Private Orthodontics for Children


Private Orthodontics for ChildrenWe also treat many children privately, those who may not be eligiable under NHS, or who prefer to receive treatment quicker than current NHS waiting times may allow. Children who wish to have private treatment have the benefit of premium appointment times after school, avoiding interruption of their schooling.

As a private patient you will be able to choose from a wider range of private braces and private treatment options including aesthetic and invisible braces. The cost of private orthodontic treatment will depend on the complexity and length of the treatment. You will always know what treatment will cost in total, before you start. Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to a beautiful smile for the rest of your life. Therefore, we offer flexible payment options to suit your needs.


Another benefit of having private orthodontic treatment is additional clinical time allocated to each patient which makes your experience more pleasant and relaxing.

Having private orthodontic treatment is a huge investment in your dental health and confidence. At the first visit, you need to come in for an initial personal consultation with the orthodontist, which includes taking radiographs and records. The orthodontist will listen to your wishes, examine your teeth and provide a clear explanation of what can be achieved, the type of private braces available, their limitations, the time frames, likely discomfort, the need for extractions if indicated and retention. A detailed report will be produced before you start the treatment. This will clarify our findings and the options for your treatment, as well as provide affordable payment options and exactly how much your braces will cost.

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