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Which types of retainers are right for me after wearing braces?

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After your braces come off, what should be the next step?

You are required to wear dental retainers. Retainers after your orthodontic treatment help your teeth to stay in shape in the all-new and best position. Depending on your case, there are two major types of teeth retainers, as recommended by the dental experts at Angel Orthodontics. These are:

  • Fixed retainers – also referred to as permanent or bonded retainers
  • Removable retainers – also known as Hawley or Essix retainers

There are also special types of retainers that are referred to as “retainers for teeth straightening.” In this post, we will help you understand the right type of retainers from the expert orthodontists at Angel Orthodontics.

What is a retainer?

A dental retainer is referred to as a device that is known to fit behind or over the teeth for keeping them in the right position. These dental appliances are most commonly used after receiving treatment with braces. These devices are used for maintaining the respective changes that are made to the teeth structure after applying braces.

Retaining appliances are mostly made out of plastic materials, clear metal, or even the combination of the two materials. While different types of retainers deliver different types of functions, they all tend to have the same purpose. Therefore, when telling our orthodontists: “I need a retainer for my teeth”, you will certainly get the most suitable ones from them.

Why do you need to wear retainers after braces?

Wearing braces is not an easy path.

Hawley Retainers - removable retainers after bracesFor most individuals, it is quite an intimidating task. You have worked hard to keep the braces for several months while struggling with the overall pain & discomfort. The last thing you would want is to observe your teeth moving out of position again after removing the braces. If you do not wish for this to happen, it is important to pay attention to getting the most ideal retainers fitted after wearing braces.

Once the braces are removed, the teeth start moving again to get back to their original position. Moreover, as we get older, our teeth tend to move. Also, when wisdom teeth come out, teeth might move to accommodate the new spaces. Therefore, when you go for retainers after braces, these will help in holding your teeth in their corrected alignment.

Types of Retainers

As discussed, there are different types of retainers or retaining devices that are available.

For the best outcomes, we recommend you see one of our professional orthodontists at Angel Orthodontics, the leading orthodontic clinic in North London.

Here are some of the most common types of retainers that leading orthodontics use to deliver the best results:

  1. Hawley Retainers

    Also referred to as metal or wire retainers are removable types of retainers. These types of retainers can be used for both upper as well as lower teeth. These retainers are fully removable. Orthodontists recommend that you should take out Hawley retainers while eating or consuming sugary drinks. The plate of the retainers is made out of acrylic plastic with wires sitting over as well as across the teeth.

    If you are looking for cheap retainers for teeth, Hawley retainers are the best solutions. When you take care of them properly, these can last for several years. The only downside of these removable retainers is that these can be highly noticeable, especially when placed on the upper teeth.

  2. Essix Retainers

    If you are looking for clear, removable retainers, then Essix retainers are the best choice. These are formed to cover your teeth completely while sitting above your gum line. Most individuals tend to prefer these types of removable retainers as these are less noticeable in comparison to the bonded wire retainers. These are known to be like the Hawley retainers. At the same time, these might last longer.

    You can remove these retainers while eating and should clean the same regularly. Over time, these retainers might get discoloured.

  3. Fixed Retainers

    The fixed bonded wire retainers are fixed to the teeth. These are also referred to as permanent or lingual retainers. The fixed retainers are fixed only onto the six teeth towards the front end – mostly on the lower jawline. A strong wire gets glued behind the teeth that help in permanently retaining the shape of the teeth achieved with the help of braces. You might need to replace the fixed retainers over a period of 3-10 years.

    Fixed retainers might cost slightly more than the removable options. The fact that entices most individuals is that these are completely hidden.

Now that you know about various types of teeth retainers, you can consider talking to your orthodontist about which retainers, after your braces have been removed, will be able to achieve the desired results for your teeth alignment. Come and visit our Angel Orthodontics clinic in London near Angel tube station and retain that smile you’ve always wanted.

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