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Straight Teeth And Improved Self Confidence

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | March 3rd, 2016

Self confidence is not something that we can fake. It comes out naturally; it comes from the deepest part of the human soul. Self confidence is born out of an assurance or strong feeling that we look nice, attractive, and that we are worth noticing! Lack of self confidence on the other hand means a hidden fear, doubt, or flaw. Among some of the commonest sources of low self esteem include our dental health, or specifically, our dental appearance and state of our teeth. From stained teeth, to brown teeth, to crowded or unevenly spaced teeth, all can contribute to low self esteem.


Some individuals have crowded teeth, or teeth that are so widely spaced. Others have protruding teeth. What is worth noting though is that this is not, and should not be a life prison, to suck the self confidence out of you, so that you live a miserable life. No! Thanks to technology, orthodontists nowadays offer remedies for such conditions, going as far as straightening the teeth and leaving you with a great smile. There are various ways that the orthodontists can achieve this;

  • Braces; braces are the most effective way to straighten protruding teeth. Parents and guardians are advised to take their children for this treatment option, rather than waiting for them to become adults, and then have the condition rectified surgically. Children’s teeth and jaws are still growing, and are thus easier to correct compared to adults. Some braces are removable, while others are fixed for a certain duration of time. Don’t worry about the traditional metallic braces; nowadays, there are ceramic braces in use that are sparkling white, and blends so well with your teeth,


  • Invisalign; like the name suggests, invisalign teeth aligners are also a great way to remedy uneven teeth. These are made of a clear plastic and are put straight on the teeth. Aligners are good in that unlike braces that may need adjusting and tightening every now and then, these are just worn on your teeth, and being replaced after every 2 weeks or so.


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