17Feb, 2020

Fastest Orthodontic treatments for straight teeth in less time

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Orthodontic treatment can be very essential to making a difference to the perfect smile you wish to show off. In most cases, it can take you up to a year, and you might not be able to handle it financially. But, there are other quicker options you could go for if you’re experiencing some of the common orthodontic problems. Innovative Smile in 6 months Smile in 6 months by Angel Orthodontics reduces orthodontic treatment time substantially to about half a year and is done by focusing only on straightening teeth […]

4Aug, 2019

Short Guide About Cost Of Different Types of Braces In The UK

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These days you will find various options for having your misaligned or crooked teeth straightened. Technological advances in recent years have transformed the dentistry and orthodontics industry and new trends and types of braces have emerged. So, when researching about your orthodontic options, you will come across different packages and prices. This short guide aims to educate you on the various types of braces available today and it will give you an idea about the different price categories they are in. However, we recommend consulting a professional orthodontist to identify […]

Duration of orthodontic treatment
6May, 2019

When can I get my braces off?

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Dental braces can be uncomfortable. After a few months into the orthodontic treatment, all our patients ask when they can have their braces removed and whether it hurts to get the braces off the teeth. What does the length of the orthodontic treatment depend on ? When you meet our orthodontists at Angel Orthodontics for the first time, they will always give you an estimated time of duration for your treatment. They will explain the procedure step by step, and will prepare you for how to get your teeth braces off. […]