self ligating braces pros and cons
18Feb, 2020

Pros and Cons of Self-Ligating Clear Braces

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Let’s be honest and agree that no one likes crooked teeth! Most of us don’t mind wearing braces for straightening our teeth. But, don’t we all wish that braces were a little less noticeable, and revealing than traditional metal braces. Well, the gods of orthodontics have answered with self-ligating clear braces. Today, we look at what exactly Self-Ligating Clear Braces are, and how they are more beneficial. What Are Self-Ligating Clear Braces? The self-ligating clear braces (also called Damon Braces) are claimed by its makers to be less painful, and […]

cleaning tools for brace
26Dec, 2019

Latest cleaning tools for braces to look after your teeth in 2020

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Your regular flossing and brushing would not be enough to keep your braces as clean as they should be. Braces have so many parts like the brackets, ligature, archwires and metal bands, and these parts need to be properly taken care of to avoid unnecessary issues. With braces, it is necessary to brush after every meal and if you are in a hurry, make sure to carry a floss or mouthwash with you. But also remember to always remove elastic bands before brushing or flossing. If you are having a […]

Foods to avoid with braces uk
7Dec, 2019

Christmas foods to give a miss with braces

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Christmas time is foodie time. It comes with all the delicious meals that will take their rightful place on the dinner table. But if you are wearing braces, then it is highly recommendable that you consider the types of foods you eat as some could damage your braces and teeth. Rather replace them with foods you can eat to enjoy the celebrations fully. A lot of festive treats should be avoided because they could get caught in your braces and either harm or break them. It is not an easy […]

19Apr, 2019

Know about teeth sensitivity and braces

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Sensitive teeth normally occur when the enamel on the outside of the tooth wears away exposing the dentin layer of the tooth. The dentin layer is very porous with tubes that run to the nerve centre. Although each mouth is different, having sensitive teeth is a common occurrence. This sensitivity can occur when exposing your teeth to something hotter (or colder) than normal, something sweeter (or sourer) than normal, or if you have deep cavities or exposed root surfaces. What causes tooth sensitivity? The discomfort a patient undergoing orthodontic treatment […]