30Jun, 2019

Orthodontic Devices An Orthodontist Uses

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Who is an orthodontist? Most people have a problem differentiating between an orthodontist and a dentist. The difference between the two is rather straightforward. Whereas a dentist is a medical practitioner whose scope of work encompasses a vast range of teeth related problems, an orthodontist specializes in only one aspect of the teeth. An orthodontist mainly deals with issues related to the alignment of the teeth in the upper jaw in relation to those in the lower one. The misalignment of the teeth is a medical condition known as malocclusion […]

11Jun, 2019

Can I see my hygienist while wearing braces?

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Having braces fitted means your oral health is affected. That’s why brushing and flossing, and other aspects of oral hygiene, are important when you are wearing braces. Gingivitis, tartar and demineralisation are frequent signs to see under braces if your oral hygiene is not adequate. The presence of brackets, wires and bands can make it tricky to clean thoroughly. To keep your teeth and gums healthy during your orthodontic treatment you should have the plaque removed often. Benefits of good oral health when wearing braces Research has shown a link […]

Duration of orthodontic treatment
6May, 2019

When can I get my braces off?

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Dental braces can be uncomfortable. After a few months into the orthodontic treatment, all our patients ask when they can have their braces removed and whether it hurts to get the braces off the teeth. What does the length of the orthodontic treatment depend on ? When you meet our orthodontists at Angel Orthodontics for the first time, they will always give you an estimated time of duration for your treatment. They will explain the procedure step by step, and will prepare you for how to get your teeth braces off. […]