Teeth jewellery

Teeth Jewellery

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The world of fashion is ever changing, and this dynamic applies to dentistry. As dentistry and dental treatments have become necessary facet of a healthy life and therefore down the line fashion prospect of tooth jewellery are also getting fused into it. Aesthetics has become an important aspect of dentistry over the past few years and has led to the development of new materials and techniques.

Tooth jewellery originated in America and its popularity is now spreading across other parts of the world. Tooth jewellery can be seen as another form of self-expression which can add another dimension to your smile. Everybody wishes to create their own visual style which makes them unique and yet identifiable among the crowd.

The most popular types of tooth jewellery are twinkles and gems. Twinkles are small gold or white gold jewels, which are available in many different designs. Gems are small crystals and they are available in a vast range of colours and designs. Tooth gems and jewels can be made of rhinestone or any other precious metal and the stones are like tiny crystals

Teeth jewelleryIt is advisable to have the tooth jewel fitted professionally by a qualified dentist in order that the dentist can ensure correct fitting of the jewel and also to choose the right dental surface where we can put it, as the enamel surface of the particular tooth needs to be strong, and healthy. Once the dentist is completely satisfied with your dental and oral health, you will be able to choose your gem from a selection. The dentist will then thoroughly clean the surface of the tooth and the surrounding area. The surface is slightly roughened up, and the gem is then placed on your chosen tooth with adhesive.

Tooth Jewellery is ‘stuck’ to the tooth. The glue is hardened using a bright light. Jewellery may be removed without damage if you which to replace it or to take it off completely.

Tooth jewels and stones generally can last 6 months to a year. It highly depends on the position of the jewel, and on your eating habits, and your oral and dental hygiene.




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