What are orthodontic braces and what you need to know?

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Orthodontic braces are appliances that are placed on teeth to rectify irregular eruption of teeth, as well as align the jaws. Most people think that braces are only meant to be used to align teeth. However, braces can even be used to achieve favorable jaws relationship. Of course any jaw modification treatments are only possible when we still have growth and can not be achieved on adults.

Types of orthodontic braces

orthodontic-braces1. Metal orthodontic braces

The material used to make this kind of braces is stainless steel. Brackets are bonded onto teeth and a wire passed through each bracket. gabon . The ties are elastic to ensure that the wire is secured on each bracket.

2. Ceramic orthodontic braces

This is a preferable alternative for people who care about their appearance. Instead of a stainless steel bracket being used, ceramic once are used which usually match the colour of one’s teeth, and hence they are not easily noticeable.

3. Lingual orthodontic braces

This kind of braces are placed on the backside of one’s teeth, and hence not visible. They are therefore the more preferable option for cosmetic purposes.

4. Invisalign
This type of appliance is removable and is customized individually for each patient.

The good thing about braces is that anyone can use them regardless of the age. However, early use of braces (in children for example) will ensure that jaw problems are rectified before full development of the jaw bone. After the braces have done their work, a retainer is needed to ensure that the teeth do not slide back into their old positions.

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