Why Choose Us

With us, it’s about more than just teeth—it’s personal. Just read our Google reviews and you will see this is what sets us apart. At Angel Orthodontics, our emphasis is not only on the best orthodontic result, but a special focus is placed upon how orthodontic treatment will affect your long-term facial aesthetics. Here are just some of the reasons why Angel Orthodontics is the perfect choice for your orthodontic needs and why so many dentists refer their patients to us.

We Provide Individual Care and Attention

Your smile is unique, so why wouldn’t your orthodontic treatment be as well? Dr. Banaie recognizes that no two patients are alike. That is why she takes the time to evaluate your specific needs and develop a treatment plan tailored to fit those needs. At our practice, you’re more than a number — you’re part of our orthodontic family! Dr. Banaie is the only orthodontist in our practice and she does not allow orthodontic assistant treating  patients like in some other practices.
She will be the one to help carry out your plan every time you are in the practice. You will be surprised at the time and attention you receive from Dr. Banaie and her highly skilled team. Quality matters when it comes to your smile and bite! Placement of braces is the most vital part of orthodontic treatment. Each bracket must be placed with precision in order for treatment to be effective. When braces are placed properly, optimal results are achieved easier and faster

We Provide Honest Care You Can Trust

Dr. Banaie will take an honest and conservative approach to your orthodontic treatment—always doing what she feels is in your best interest. She will not recommend unnecessary treatment!

We Offer Customized and Affordable Payment Plans

We believe finances should not stand in the way of you achieving a beautiful, confident smile. We work with families from all walks of life, so don’t worry, we will work with you to create a customized 0% Interest Finance that will fit your family’s budget

Our Fees are All-Inclusive

Your investment in your orthodontic treatment includes everything needed to complete your treatment from start to finish. Beware of hidden price tactics out there that require you to unexpectedly pay more for the removal of your braces or for retainers and orthodontic records at the end of your treatment!

Angel Orthodontics Is the Only Fully Private Fully Orthodontic Practice in the Area

Angel Orthodontics is a specialist practice limited to orthodontic treatment.  Conviniently located in the heart of Angel, opposite the tube station. Dr Banaie is an orthodontist on GDC specialist register. An Orthodontist has to complete a three-year orthodontic residency beyond dental school to become a specialist.

We Have a Proven Track Record

Dentists refer their patients, employees, and even their family to Dr. Banaie because of the trust and confidence they have developed from seeing her work firsthand.  Our current and past patients also refer friends and family members because they want them to enjoy the same life-changing smile and orthodontic experience!

We Take a Team Approach

Dr. Banaie takes time to communicate with your general dentist because she wants to create a beautiful smile for you as well as achieve the best possible overall oral health in the process. Not all orthodontists take the time to provide this level of care. Dr. Banaie recognizes that your dentist plays a critical role in that process, and places a high priority on communication and cooperation with him or her.

We Offer a Modern, High-Tech Practice

From digital x-rays and paperless charting to 3D scanning of teeth, Intra oral camera and e-mail/text message appointment reminders, our state-of-the-art practice was designed with the technology and amenities to provide efficient and enjoyable orthodontic treatment for any member of your family.

We Provide Before and After School/Work Appointments

Although missing some school or work is inevitable, we do our best to minimize this by offering routine appointments during early morning, late afternoon, evening, and lunch hours. We invite the parents if present to join the children inside the surgery. Since parents play a role in supervising their child’s treatment and oral hygiene care, it is important to Dr. Banaie to keep them updated on their child’s treatment progress.

We offer wide range of services

Whether your child or teenager needs orthodontic treatment or you are an adult looking to enhance your smile, we’ve got you covered. We also offer early childhood interceptive treatment, Myofunctional orthodontics  and palatal expanders to guide jaw growth, as well as thumb and finger appliances to help children break bad habits.

We offer many different types of braces to accommodate the orthodontic needs of every patient. In addition to traditional conventional braces we offer clear ceramic braces that are more aesthetically pleasing, Lingual braces that are placed hidden on the tongue side of teeth so no one can see them, virtually undetectable clear customized Invisalign® aligners that straighten teeth without noticeable wires and brackets and also clear plastic removable Invisalign® Teen aligners, created just for adolescents.

We aim for excellent patient experience

Read our patient testimonials to see what our patients have to say about us.